Myosotis Innovation

Construction expertise - Innovation - Digital transition

Innovation and Digital Transformation of Construction Players

my Philosophy

The knowledge and experience of the innovation and construction industry creates a synergy that benefits all.

Experience of the construction industry: production on site and all the different aspects of the business such as processes, logistics, management of equipments, negotiations... all constraints of the everyday life.


The innovation: its culture, its methods, its universe, its tools, its economic models; how to put them at the service of the world of construction industry in an efficient way.


To reach and listen to everyone: listening and understanding the needs of each person remains at the center of the process

Added Value

My objective is to add value to each of your innovation initiatives.

Bring more values to daily activities: productivity, efficiency, quality, comfort and safety.


A strong differentiation: bring new ideas, create new opportunities, concretely and really mark the difference with operational innovation.


A stronger corporate culture: make employees proud of innovative achievements, attract new employees with innovative and disruptive projects that are not done in other companies, bring students into a sector in full renewal.